Best Bars and Clubs for the 30s Crowd in Toronto

Because Toronto is home to a mix of singles, couples, and divorced men and women, the City has many bars and clubs that cater to the older, mature 30-somethings crowd.

Part of the fun of living in and visiting Toronto is checking out its many bars, clubs, and lounges, but men and women in the over-30 age group often do not wish to end up in bars that cater to those in their early 20s or the university crowd. Fortunately, the downtown Toronto core is not only a vibrant commercial mecca, it is also a residential hotspot that is home to many 30-somethings.

The downtown Toronto 30s frequently crowd parties in their own neighborhoods, eliminating the need to pay high parking fees or expensive cab fares. As a result, residents and visitors will find there are many bars, clubs, and lounges downtown that are geared to an older, more mature crowd.

Toronto Lounges for 30s

These lounges are popular with well-dressed Toronto 30-somethings:

  • Reservoir Lounge, 52 Wellington Street East, 416-955-0887, is a bit of a misnomer as this lounge has live music, including jazz, blues, and swing, and there is a very small dance floor in front of the band. A favorite lounge of the over-30 age group due to the stellar class of musicians featured, the Reservoir Lounge gets busy after 10 p.m. when a line-up starts. Cover charge: $10.
  • Spice Route, 499 King Street West, 416-849-1808, has an exotic, Asian-inspired interior that is definitely designed to attract an older crowd. Spice Route is popular with the 30s crowd who hang out there after work on Thursdays or during pre-club hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Toronto Bars for Over 30

Here are some of the best bars in Toronto for the over-30 age group:

  • 2Cats, 569 King Street West (near Brant Street), 416-204-6261, attracts the 30s crowd as a result of the piped-in 80s and 90s music. The place doesn’t start heating up until about 10:30 p.m., but once it does, patrons will be amused to hear many bar customers singing along to the retro tunes in one of the best and friendliest bars in Toronto.
  • Pravda Vodka Bar, 44 Wellington Street East, 416-863-5244, is an elegant bar located in the strip of brownstones along Wellington Street. A favorite of the 30-something crowd because of the tapestry-draped booths and chocolate martinis, Pravda has two levels, but the second floor is one of the best bars to meet mature men and women in Toronto.

Toronto Clubs for 30s

The following dance clubs cater to a mature crowd:

  • Dolce Social Ballroom, 647 King Street West (at Bathurst), 416-361-9111, was created specifically to provide the 30s crowd with a dance club to rival the 20s-age-group clubs in Clubland. Dolce Social Ballroom offers a sumptuous interior, as well as booths and dancing for the super stylish set.
  • Brant House, 522 King Street West (at Brant Street), 416-703-2800, is a sleek and popular dance spot and location for bachelorette parties tailored to an older crowd. Brant House starts bustling on Thursday evenings.

Where Do Singles Hang Out in Toronto?

Toronto is known for its eclectic neighborhoods, each with a unique vibe. The Queen Street West area is a hotspot for singles, with its trendy boutiques, hip bars, and art galleries. This neighborhood is often buzzing with activity, making it easy to strike up conversations with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re exploring the shops, grabbing a coffee, or enjoying the nightlife, Queen Street West offers plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

Another great area for singles is Kensington Market. This historic neighborhood is filled with quirky shops, international eateries, and a bohemian atmosphere. Its vibrant streets are a magnet for creatives and free spirits, providing an ideal setting for casual interactions and impromptu gatherings. You can join a food tour, visit a vintage store, or relax in one of the local cafes to connect with other singles.

If you’re looking to meet singles in a more structured setting, Toronto offers a variety of social events and activities designed for this purpose. Speed dating events, often hosted by companies like 25Dates or SpeedToronto, are a fun way to meet multiple people in a short amount of time. These events are typically held in trendy bars or lounges, providing a relaxed environment for singles to connect.

Meetup groups are another excellent option for singles who want to engage in shared activities. Toronto has a diverse range of Meetup groups covering interests like hiking, photography, board games, and more. Joining a Meetup group can help you meet people with similar hobbies and interests, fostering deeper connections through shared experiences.

Residents and visitors to Toronto looking for bars with a mature crowd will be pleased that the Toronto bar scene is not restricted to the 20s or university crowd. Whether looking for a casual bar like 2Cats, an after work hangout like Spice Route, or an upscale dance club like Dolce Social Ballroom, 30-somethings will revel in the nightlife Toronto offers to their age group.

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