Detroit Historical Museum

Detroit Historical Museum is one of America’s finest and oldest museums dedicated to preserving the history of Detroit. Discover over 600 historical artifacts and experience 300 years of Detroit’s metropolitan history at the museum.

History of the Detroit Historical Society & Detroit Historical Museum

In 1914, attorney and historian Clarence M. Burton donated his collections to the Detroit Public Library, which led to the development of the Detroit Historical Museum. The Detroit Historical Society was established by Burton, who became its first president, along with nineteen outstanding historians who he brought together.

The Detroit Historical Museum (DHM) was set up in 1927 under the management of J. Bell Moran, one of the DHM directors. The ‘highest museum in the world was opened on the 23rd floor in a one-suite room of the Barlum Tower (now the Cadillac Tower) on 19th November 1928.

In 1946, a vote headed by the City of Detroit and the DHM resulted in the initiation of the City of Detroit History Commission to manage the Detroit Historical Museum. The Detroit Historical Society gave its collections and building fund over to the city and became the Museum’s chief outside financer.

Detroit Historical Museum Hours of operation

The Museum is open on the following days:

  • Wednesday to Friday: 9:30 am to 3 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday: 12 noon to 5 pm

The Detroit Historical Museum is not just a place that has over 600 historical artifacts but is a place that preserves Detroit’s Cultural past for everyone to see and cherish.

Exhibitions & Tours

Detroit Historical Museum has a multitude of exhibitions- temporary and permanent. Each Exhibition has been carefully designed to inform and entertain the tens and thousands of people who visit annually. Detroit Historical Museum Streets of Old Detroit is one of the most visited and loved exhibits.

Detroit Historical Museum gives guided tours of the museum and several of its exhibitions. Whether it is for a school field trip or family outing, or other excursions, the museum-guided tours will be organized to suit your requirements.

The Detroit Historical Museum has a special tour tailored for School field trips which are coordinated with State social studies. The guided tour

The Standard tours take you and your school students on a guided walk on the history of Detroit and Michigan. The Museum has well-educated staff and instructors who make learning history enjoyable as well as informative.

Museum Store

The Museum has an exclusive store where visitors can choose from a collection of unique Merchandise which cannot be found anywhere else.

Visitors can also purchase souvenirs, memberships, and tickets to ongoing museum events and other activities from the online store.

Detroit Historical Museum Store remains open during regular museum hours. The proceeds from the store are used to support the Detroit Historical Museum.

Parking Facilities

There is a parking lot adjacent to the museum, which charges $5 per car. Metered street parking and other parking facilities near the Museum are additional options.

The Detroit Historical Museum is a perfect place for tourists as well as denizens of Michigan to get a feel of the city’s history and relive the past.

Contact Details

Detroit Historical Museum

5401 Woodward Ave,

Detroit, MI 48202.

Telephone: 313.833.1805

Fax: 313.833.5342

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