Muskegon Fishing Charters

Many Muskegon Fishing Charter options are available in the Muskegon area for the remainder of the year. Some Charters are during the Day, and others are best offered after dark.

Muskegon Lake fishing is good now but will continue to get better. Northern Pike fishing is good, but as the fall progresses until the ice is up, daytime Fishing Charters are available for fishing live bait and trolling. The morning Charterstend to produce more fish.

Day Time Fishing Charter

Perch Fishing in Muskegon Lake is great now, with very little pressure on the fish. As falls progress and more fish show up, the fishing improves. This fishing can be done at any time during daylight hours. We are running Fishing Charters in Muskegon Lake in boats now for Perch, but we will continue to run ice trips once ice up happens. We recommend the Ice fishing Trips. We provide New Frabill Shanties with Heaters and Lunch on the Ice.

Muskegon River offers several options for Steelhead Fishing Charters as well. November until Ice up is probably the best option, but Winter Steelhead trips are also available. Early morning tends to be your best bet. As the sun gets high in the sky, the fish can get spooky with the low levels of very clear water.

Night Fishing Charter

One of the best fishing trips offered in the Muskegon area is just around the corner. This fishing trip is Vertical Jigging for White Fish in the Muskegon Channel. Few people offer this trip as most of the Muskegon Charter boats have put their boats away for the year. The week before Thanksgiving until two weeks afterward, the Whitefish run is on.

The White Fish enter the Muskegon Channel to Spawn. Some nights the fish even enter Muskegon Lake. The fish only make this run after dark. The fishing is good all night long but right after dark until midnight tends to be best. Most of our Charters are from 5:30 to 10:30 pm. This is an action-packed trip.

There tend to be so many fish that fowl hooking fish can be a problem. Even though we don’t keep these fish, there tends to be plenty of action between putting fish in the box. These fish can otherwise be hard to come by in any good numbers.

Walleye fishing after dark is ok at best right now, but by the second week of October, the Fall Fishing Feast begins. Most people don’t realize it, but the fishing is at its best, even at night. The size of the fish we pull when running Charters in Muskegon averages out to be fantastic. There are many nights that we average 8 to 10-pound fish. This is long line trolling and casting key areas of Muskegon Lake.

Walleye Fishing Charters in Muskegon are done after dark as this is the most consistent feeding pattern. Trips can start as early as sunset. More times than not, the best time for these fishing trips is after the time change. Unless you’re a hardcore angler, the time change allows starting fairly early in the evening. Right around 5:30 pm.

Overall, there are many fishing charter options in the Muskegon Area this Falklands this Winter with Ice Fishing Charters.

These are all good options if you are looking for things to do in Grand Rapids, Michigan as well. Most of these Muskegon Fishing Charters are within 30 minutes of downtown Grand Rapids.

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