How to Make Your Own Alabama Rig

The most amazing thing about the ever-popular Alabama Rig, or A-rig as we shall call it, is the fact that it is extraordinarily easy to manufacture. Nothing more than a glorified umbrella rig, the A-rig consists of little more than wire, swivels, and snaps. It is merely a new means to present old baits. As the next installment in my series of articles on the A-rig, this How to Make an Alabama Rig will put the power of the A-rig in your hands for a mere fraction of the cost.

In my humble opinion, the store-bought, professionally manufactured Alabama rigs offer no advantages over my homemade version to justify the cost. This article follows me step-by-step as I craft a four-arm A-rig out of simple, store-bought materials using common hand tools.

Before we delve into the process, I must put up one disclaimer. If you are the suing type, please don gloves, eye protection, a helmet, a personal flotation device, an athletic supporter, and any other pieces needed to form a protective ensemble that will stave off injury and litigation.

Now, without further adieu, here is the step-by-step guide on How To Make An Alabama Rig.

Required Tools:

  • diagonal cutters
  • needle nose pliers
  • channel lock pliers
  • vise

Required Materials:

  • orange flagged, survey stakes
  • medium gauge project wire
  • JB Weld epoxy putty
  • large, 1/0 swivels
  • large swivel snaps

Step-by-step Instruction

  1. Doubled survey stake wire.
  2. Continue to bend the wire into the form of an eyelet with channel lock pliers.
  3. Thread swivel onto all wires so it sits evenly.
  4. Clip off the desired length of the project wire with diagonal cutters.
  5. With needle nose pliers, thread wire through wires and forcefully form wire into a coil around A-rig arms.
  6. Coiled wire secures the swivel in place and provides strength and rigidity during battle.
  7. Bend 270 degrees until an eyelet is formed.
  8. Secure the outside bend of the eyelet in your vise and, with needle nose pliers, wrap the tag end of the wire around the shank of the A-rig arms spinner bait style. This provides a near-unfailing lure attachment.
  9. Swivel snap lure connectors
  10. Tear off small, dime-sized segments of epoxy putty and work with fingers until it is properly mixed as called for by directions.
  11. Shape around coiled project wire, careful not to impede the swivel action of the line tie.
  12. Finished A-rig, ready for swimbaits and battle!

Your Alabama Rig is ready to be outfitted with whatever swimbaits you deem necessary to create the deception of a school of baitfish. I prefer using 1/8 or 1/4 quality jig heads with a quality paddle tail swimbait that puts off plenty of vibration.

To create a six-arm Alabama rig, simply add one more piece of wire in the beginning step. A killer combo is a six-arm rig with one arm dedicated to a willow leaf blade. A great piece of advice is to hold off pre-bending your rig arms until you tie it on, or you will not fit it into your regular tackle box. Also, carry some small-diameter, strong rubber bands to wrap around your rig arms and make a tidy package for storage.

With the Alabama rig, you can increase your chances of a successful catch without having to work harder. This innovative fishing rig consists of multiple lures attached to a central hub resembling an umbrella. When cast, the rig mimics a school of baitfish, enticing larger predatory fish to strike. It’s a versatile and effective tool for targeting a wide variety of fish species, from bass to striped bass and even saltwater fish. Good fishing, everyone, and feel free to add questions to the comment section.

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