Nemo 500 Outhouse Races

The Nemo 500 Outhouse Races is a unique and hilarious concept where people participate in a race across the historic downtown with their clever outhouse designs.

It is an annual event in Coopersville and invites plenty of fun, laughs, and lots of fun activities and food.

So whether you are planning to take part in the mad race or just go as a spectator, get ready to have a wonderful time at this year’s Nemo 500 Outhouse Races.

About The Nemo 500 Outhouse Races

The Nemo 500 Outhouse is fun, wacky, and hilarious to witness with family and friends. The Annual Outhouse Races will begin with breakfast at Suzi’s Cakery, Country Café or Peppino’s Pizza, or the Coopersville Farm Museum.

Then have a blast at the Outhouse 500 parade and watch the race on Main Street in historic downtown. Teams will first parade and then will race their innovative and creatively decorated outhouses down Main Street.

The Rotary Chili Blast (Cook-off) lets cooks serve their best chili and showcase their ‘burning’ talents. The event will take place at the North Main Street Parking Lot. All proceeds will be donated to befit local Rotary service projects.

The toilet lid decorating contest will be held at 305 Main Street, letting the locals vote for the best and decide the winner. Locals can then bid on their favorite toilet seat and take it home at the North Main Street Parking Lot Beer & Chili tent.

The Annual Jaycees Winter Dance features dance music and promises amazing fun at the Coopersville VFC on 511 North 68th Avenue. The proceeds from this event will benefit future local Jaycees programs.

Even if you are not taking part, fans of the Outhouse 500 can become official Outhouse 500 supporters!

An official events guide will also be available on the Coopersville website or at participating Main Street Merchant Association businesses in February.

Events at the Nemo 500

This year’s Outhouse 500 event has made lots of new amendments, such as the single race category will be replaced with two new categories. At the 17th Annual Outhouse Races 2022, there will be a brand new ‘show’ and a ‘speed’ category.

At this year’s Outhouse 500, the city representatives will be judging the show outhouses and picking the best and most innovative one. Please note that all of the outhouses still have to be a race to be able to participate in the event.

Jaycees will have live bands, Euchre, and other events taking place. There are also lots of free activities for kids, such as art contests and many more, at the Outhouse 500.

The Nemo 500 Outhouse has additional activities/events happening around the clock, like:

  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Outdoor games
  • Snowmobile games
  • Sled Dog demonstrations
  • Coopersville Jaycees Indoor Beer Tent
  • Bingo

The one-day festival at the Outhouse 2011 also includes a 5K run, the Chili Blast cook-off, a toilet lid decorating contest, and many other activities!

Register for the Nemo 500 Outhouse

All those who wish to be a part of this fun, rare and crazy event can apply online or register by calling 605-578-2708. All registrations for the Outhouse 2022 have to be done by February 25th, 2022.

Entry forms for the main race, the Chili Blast Cook-off, the toilet lid decorating contest, and the 5K race can be downloaded and filled out from the official Coopersville website.

Entrance Fee & Parking at the Outhouse 500

Different Events and activities’ price range varies. Parking is Free for all.

Directions to the Outhouse 500

From Exit 16, take a right (north) onto 68th avenue, 1/8 mile. Then East onto Randall Street at the roundabout; turn left (north) at Eastmanville Street 1/2 mi. to Main Street. From Exit 19, turn right (north) onto 48th Avenue 1/8mi. To Randall Street. Next, turn left (west) onto Randall Street, 1.5 miles to Eastmanville; then turn right (north) onto Eastmanville, ½ mi. to Main Street.

Date & Timings

February 25th, 2023, 11 am onwards (timings depend on the events and activities).

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