6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues in Detroit

We know you are sick of this weather. We are too. The piles of snow, the cold, the roads filled with potholes! We want spring! But since that darn groundhog was right, and it doesn’t look like spring is coming any time soon, here are a few ways to beat the winter blues. In Detroit, of course!

1. Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute of Arts

The DIA is a great place to be in any weather, but especially nice in the winter. Escape into a Van Gogh, enjoy a coffee in the recently renovated Prentis Court, or even pretend you’re a Samurai. Samurai? Yep, from March 9th through June 1st, the DIA hosts the special exhibit – Samurai: Beyond the Sword.

2. The Peacock Room

If we can’t have spring weather, we can at least have pretty spring clothes (and jewelry, handbags, and scarves….)!

Conveniently located across the street from the DIA, The Peacock Room has something for everyone. One trip to The Peacock Room, and you will realize why shopping there is infinitely better than shopping at a large department store. Two words – customer service.

The owner (Rachel) and her staff have helped me pick out presents, choose the perfect necklace for an outfit (without even seeing the outfit), and even once told me that a shirt I REALLY wanted was too tight.

Now THAT is customer service! If you need some spring fashion inspiration, check out their Facebook page for pictures of some ridiculously cute spring dresses! And as The Peacock Room says, “Winter, you were SO last season.”

3. Two James Spirits

Whiskey, bourbon, gin, and vodka. Do I need to say more? Located in Corktown, Two James Spirits is Detroit’s first licensed distillery since Prohibition. The Tasting Room is open Tuesday through Sunday, and distillery tours are available on Friday and Saturday.

4. Michigan Science Center

It’s easy to imagine spring when you walk into the Wish Upon A Butterfly exhibit at Mi-Sci. Walk among and even feed live butterflies in this special exhibit (now through June 15th). After visiting the butterflies, be sure to check out MiSci’s permanent exhibits, shows, and IMAX.

5. Belle Isle

I know we usually associate Belle Isle with summertime fun, but hear me out on this one. There is plenty to do on the island in the winter, and it won’t involve being cold.

In fact, it is always warm in the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, so head inside, relax under a palm tree, and dream of the warmer days ahead. More indoor fun awaits at the Aquarium, Dossin Great Lakes Museum, and Nature Zoo.

And if you happen to be the one person that is not sick of winter, you could even try a winter hike out to the Lighthouse.

6. The Old Shillelagh

The Old Shillelagh is a great time any time of year, but March is their sweet spot. Join in on the fun of St Patrick’s Day (I mean the weekend), and you will definitely forget all about your winter blues.

As we trudge through the seemingly endless winter in Detroit, with its towering piles of snow and icy roads, it’s easy to long for the warmth and vibrancy of spring. However, while the cold lingers and spring waits patiently in the wings, there are countless ways for families and kids to beat the winter blues in Detroit.

Detroit’s winter, often challenging, is also a canvas for unique and memorable family experiences. From ice skating at Campus Martius Park to exploring the wonder-filled exhibits of the Michigan Science Center, the city is brimming with opportunities to turn this frosty season into a time of joy and family bonding.

This is a time to embrace the outdoors with sledding adventures, snowman-building contests, and even crisp winter walks through our scenic parks. The brisk air and snowy landscapes offer a different beauty and excitement that can only be found during this season. For those seeking warmth and indoor activities, Detroit’s array of museums, indoor play centers, and libraries provide educational and fun escapes from the cold.

Winter in Detroit is also a chance for families to come together, share hot cocoa after a day out in the snow, cozy up for movie nights, or attend one of the city’s many winter festivals. These moments, though simple, are the ones that children cherish and remember as they grow.

As we count down the days to spring, let’s not forget the magic that winter can hold, especially when spent with family. Detroit offers a playground of snow-laden adventures and warm, inviting spaces that can turn this chilly season into a period of wonder and joy for kids and adults alike.

So, let’s bundle up, step out, and discover the winter wonders that await in Detroit. We can create lasting memories with our families with each snowflake and frosty breath. The winter might be long in Detroit, but it’s also a time filled with laughter, love, and family fun. Let’s embrace it together!

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Growing up in Detroit, Lindsey is a Michigan State University alumnus. She feels incredibly lucky to live in Detroit, and much more, to spend her days promoting the Detroit area as a travel destination.