Flying J Location #708 in Carlisle, PA – Truck Stop Review

 In Carlisle, Pennsylvania, there is a Flying J directly off the Interstate on the eastern side that is a choice location for those particular in such truck stops. In fact, because I often have a backhaul to retrieve from near there (but I often have to wait hours before it’ll be ready since my common load delivered earlier is done early in the morning), I look forward to going to this location.

Yes, I look forward to a Flying J. Flying J #708, situated conveniently off a major highway, is one such truck stop that promises to meet and exceed these expectations.

The lot is large, with 278 spaces that do not offer too much challenge to achieve, and the fuel lanes number thirteen. Once one comes off the highway and towards this location (I-81 exit 52), it’s merely left at the traffic light, and you’re on your way in. Keep in mind that there is some space near the scale once you enter, but they have parking Nazis that will hunt you down if you park in or near these unauthorized spots, so go find proper parking. But other than this pushed point, this place is pleasant for what it is.

There is a roomy and comfortable lounge area, complete with a large TV room, comfortable seating, and something like five or six booths, each of which provides a plug for those with their laptops. I believe there are 22 showers in the place, and they’re usually maintained well. There was once a game room, but it has recently been modified to be an extension of the TV room, and there are some tables and stools in it.

The lobby is large and full-on, with just about everything Flying J offers. There is the breakfast and soup bar (continually overpriced, Flying J, just so you know. Why would I pay $3.99 for a cup of chili equivalent to a cup I can get in Wendy’s for nearly $2.50, where the chili is slightly better) and a nice island where there’s coffee and the grill station.

The counter and registers are full of functions, and there’s all that fried food and pizza up there (Flying J has gone all out on the pizza world, and it ain’t bad), along with some cold sandwiches and salad choices for the occasional driver who actually cares about his health. The Denny’s here is actually a very nice Denny’s with plenty of booths and tables as well as a few seats at the bar near the beverage station and the TVs running the news. I am one who enjoys the occasional full-service breakfast, so Denny’s was a smart partner for these truck stops, in my opinion.

There are plenty of other things near the area that are friendly to truckers, with a Blue Beacon just on the other side of I-81. Down that way, there are also other truck stops, with Loves and Petro coming to mind. Alas, I have not ventured into any of these, so I can’t place an opinion except to say they’re likely typical of their namesake, particularly the Loves. I like this about Loves; they are very constant in what they are and provide. I have come to avoid Petro because of this. Be advised that the Blue Beacon can gain lines hours long, particularly during the winter.

For the RV community, this location seems quite friendly. I often see several small and medium sized RV’s in the lot outside the Denny’s side.

Overall, I find this truck stop to be among the best in this large business. Flying J Location 708 delivers an exceptional service that makes it more than just a pit stop but a welcome retreat on the road. When it comes to what a professional driver is looking for in a truck stop, this location ranks as quite acceptable and as a positive experience. Pilot Flying J would benefit from ensuring this location remains under their better wing and maintains this consistently positive aspect.

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